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Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Enterprise Software & Internet of Things (IoT)


Famark Cloud - Internet of Things

Enterprise Software Platform (ERP software - CRM & SCM - Integrated Solution)

Famark cloud is a software platform that connects enterprise software with website, mobile apps and kiosk, providing integrated ERP with SCM and CRM supporting Internet of Things (IoT).

It extends the concept of Customer Relationship Management by empowering customers with self-service website, mobile apps and kiosk machine for online services and sales.

It further provides all the building blocks necessary to setup complete Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP Software) as a comprehensive solution that connect with Internet of Things.

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CRM, ERP & IoT - Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution across Industries and Scale

The way enterprise software are developed is continuously changing; however certain underlying technical approach for CRM or ERP software solution has remain unchanged. Conventionally enterprise applications have an n-tier architecture, which primarily involves developing backend database, business logic and frontend user interfaces. This approach has certainly been successful for more than a decade but the implementation has been repetitive across CRM and ERP software projects.

Famark cloud provides a pre-built implementation of the different application tiers applying proven best practices. So all that remains for developing a CRM or ERP application is plugging in unique business logic and customizing the presentation. Further the platform provides a building-block approach for developing business solutions and assembles such solutions for a complete enterprise resource planning software. It serves as a core engine for ERP Software with CRM capabilities.

Getting Started - Demo & Documents

Getting Started with Internet of Things - Videos and Documents

Setting up Internet of Things with Famark cloud is easy and has a low learning curve as it follows standard practices that allow it to be intuitive for most developers who have an understanding of web architecture.

Although it brings a revolutionary way in which business solutions are designed but does not introduce any new programming language nor does it confine to specific programming language or technology.

Business extensions in Famark cloud can be developed in any of the existing programming languages. While the documentation is available for JAVA, .Net and JavaScript but the platform is accessible to other technologies that support web communication such as PHP, Objective-C, etc.

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