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Simple Platform for Complex Cloud Computing


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Eras integrated Platform as a Service (Eras Paas) simplifies and automates online solution development by introducing an approach of assembling basic building blocks present in the platform. Such settings can be done by just filling forms of the platform service.

These building blocks are categorized into three types –

A solution encapsulates these building blocks into a package so they can be deployed or removed as a single unit from a platform service instance.

The following diagram shows solution composition –

solution system solution security solution ui

ERAS stands for Entity Relation Action and Solution (but is also dubbed as Enterprise Resource Application and System)

How it Works?


Get your eras instance..


Set entities, relations, sites..


Go live with online service!

The Key Features

The building blocks can be assembled together to create software solutions that have Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Such a solution requires little or no programming as the platform automatically generates data structures and functionalities that are commonly required.

The three core functionalities automated by the platform are –

(All data and file management actions can be performed from auto-generated GUI and API.)

Apart from the above salient features the platform also provides –

While other PaaS implementations focus on providing the raw materials for developing software solutions, Eras platform focuses on automating the process of development.

Eras service platform can also compliment other platforms (such as AWS and Azure) as it can be deployed on diverse infrastructures (including private network). This allows consumers to utilize core capabilities of their platform while leveraging Eras for simplification and rapid development.

Summarizing in a nutshell eras is a middleware that automatically builds Database, GUI and API for online solutions.

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